2016 Annual Banquet

2016 Annual Installation Banquet

The Lewis & Clark Home Builders Association 2016 Annual Installation Banquet was held January 29th at Minerva's in Yankton, South Dakota, with just a little over 60 people in attendance.

The Banquet started with a Social Hour from 6:00pm to 7:00pm with the Installation Program starting after our meal at 7:00pm.

The program started with 2015's President, Curt Wieman, talking about upcoming events and handing out awards!  4 Awards were presented this year, with the first award being for Tim Frohreich.  He received the 2014 Home Builder of the Year award.  Since he was unable to attend last year, the award was presented at this year's Banquet.  3 additional awards were given out as 2015 Presidents Awards.  Joe Morrow, Gloria Bohn and Trisha Ryken were awarded the Presidents Award for their dedication and hard work in helping the organization get "re-organized" in the last 6 months.  Congratulations to all 4 of you!

Lynn Mennis, Vice President of the South Dakota Home Builders Association, began the Installation part of the program by talking about membership in the Home Builders Association and the power the organization can have as members get involved!  After that, he installed our 2016 Officers and Board of Directors!  Thank you Lynn for coming from Brookings for our special occasion!

The program also included a 50/50 Raffle, in which Gloria Bohn was the lucky winner!  We had 5 additional drawings for Gift Certificates and other prizes!  Congratulations to Todd Woods, Alison Lange, Kari Rettig, Carol Larrington & Bob Edwards for being the lucky winners of our 5 prizes!

Thank you for all who attended and to Minerva's for the wonderful food! 

Hope to see everyone there next year!

Our Banquet Sponsors

K Construction
Jason & Samantha Finck

LaCroix Construction
Marlin, Laurie & Neil LaCroix

Only Homes
Curt Wieman & Norene Gibson

Yankton Storm Restoration
Lee & Kari Rettig

Thank you Sponsors!

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