Top 10 Reasons to do Business with an Associate

  1. Associate member support your industry at the local, state and national levels.
  2. Associate members volunteer time, talent and treasure to help the association accomplish its goals.
  3. Associate members recruit their colleagues and business contacts to become members.
  4. Associate members serve on committees and councils gaining valuable networking opportunity while helping to advance the association’s mission.
  5. By doing so, you increase the value proposition for all membership in your HBA.
  6. Associate members are strong supporters of local and state PACs and BuildPAC.
  7. Associate members are a major source of non-dues revenue through sponsorships, advertising, etc.
  8. As industry partners, Associate members are a valuable resource for business and management tips.
  9. Associate members are heavily invested in your business success: You win, they win!
  10. Why wouldn’t you do business with a member?

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