Collective Legislative Work – Advocacy

Sensible government relations and reasonable legislation can work for the benefit of the building industry. Staying involved in the legislative process ensures that the voice of the building industry is heard at all levels – local, state and national.

At each level, committees work hard to:

  • Monitor governmental rules and regulations that affect the building industry, and the ability of members to do business.
  • Take action to defend the housing industry against the cost of over-regulation.
  • Help elect representatives who have spoken up for housing.
  • Raise funds to help elect pro-housing candidates.

Take advantage and be heard by becoming a member of the Lewis & Clark Home Builders Association!

A Membership Advantage

Advocacy at Work

Take a look below to see how NAHB and your local chapter are Advocating for the Building Industry.

  • Workforce Development

    A chronic labor shortage in the housing industry is resulting in higher construction costs, increased home prices and lower economic growth.

  • Material Costs

    The rising cost of building materials is harming housing affordability.

  • Housing Finance Reform

    Uncertainty about the housing finance system stymies investment and slows the housing market.

  • Building Codes

    Building codes ensure safe homes. But many codes proposed today are done so without regard to cost to home buyers.

National Association of Home Builders

NAHB Consistently Delivers Value for Its Members

NAHB fights for its members on Capitol Hill, in state houses and in the communities where they do business. We work hard to defeat excessive regulations and to protect our members’ bottom lines. Our advocacy efforts include educating policymakers and the Administration, building successful coalitions, and mobilizing NAHB’s grassroots on a range of issues.

NAHB advocates on behalf of its members on a wide range of issues, including the tax code, federal housing programs, regulatory relief, environmental laws, building codes, OSHA, building materials, housing finance and more. A single win in the policy arena can save builders thousands of dollars on every home they build.

This significant savings makes membership in NAHB an essential tool for smart home builders and the diverse businesses that support the home building industry.