A big benefit of being a Lewis & Clark Home Builder member is the opportunity to network with others within the home building industry. This can be done through many different avenues.

Locally, the Association holds monthly Membership Socials which are informal meetings that allow you to visit with others within the home building industry about everything from your current projects to existing or new legislation. The social often includes programs that range from another member showcasing new technology to others providing information on topics ranging from media to paperwork for your business.

Not only does this networking avenue allow you to find additional resources for your own business, but it allows you to make connections to potential customers, not only on the consumer level, but the professional one as well.

On a national level Networking is done on many different levels. As members of your local home building association, you are represented on a State and National Level on many different legislative issues. This is often reflected in the work of networking in Washington. Local and State Chapters are often invited to Washington DC to get our “take” on current legislation. By being part of this networking opportunity, you can get heard and make a difference. The small voice of one business can be reflected through the large voice of a national organization.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to give and receive within the Home Builders Industry.

A Membership Advantage